Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Way Back Wednesday - Musical Edition

So, this morning I decided I would pull out my old CD collection and have a real life Way Back Wednesday!

Anyone else remember the days of Napster and CD burning?  I would print off labels accoring to category of music and there was nothing more exciting than having a new CD!

I've just broken into the Country section for now, no judging my high school taste in music  :)  (Yikes...Britney Spears AND Mandy Moore..not sure how those found their way into this section)  It's amazing to me how our brains remember song lyrics...I popped in the first country CD and not only could I still sing all the words, I actually started singing the next song on the CD before it even played.

So, for you Birmingham folks...if you see me driving around the next few days and I appear to either be shouting or just plain jamming out - do me a favor and just keep driving!