Thursday, April 11, 2013

Chicago Trip!

As always, I'm way behind on blogging - being a CPA makes the months of Jan - March pretty tough, so I promise to catch up soon (don't I always...)!

A few weeks ago, Tim & I headed to Chicago for one last fun family trip - my middle brother, Rhett currently lives in Chicago and is about to graduate from medical school and move to Houston.  We decided what better way to celebrate than a trip to this fun town one more time - especially since it was St. Patrick's Day weekend (which is a huge deal in Chicago).  

Thursday night we arrived in town and headed to Rhett's apartment where he and his girlfriend, Sarah had prepared a fabulous home-cooked meal!

My brother Ryan & I when we arrived the 1st night

Getting ready for family dinner
Friday, we went to an event with a bunch of Rhett's friends from med school & I talked everyone in to stopping off for some cupcakes....

Rhett & Sarah

Tim & I at our hotel - The Drake

Sarah & I at the cupcake place
That evening, Rhett had planned for us to go to dinner with 3 of his best med school buddies and their families - as you can see, we had quite the crowd!  This was an Italian place where you ordered lots of small plates and shared among everyone at the table which I always think is fun.

Table #1
Table #2
Tim & I at dinner
One of my best friends from Birmingam also moved to Chicago this past year, so it was a must that we would meet up with Emily Ann!

Emily Ann & I at Untitled
Saturday, we headed to brunch at one of Rhett's favorite places - Mom & I shared white chocolate pretzel french mouth is watering just thinking about it!

Saturday brunch

After a tour of downtown, we headed back to Rhett's place after where a bunch of his friends came over to celebrate St. Patrick's Day.
Family pic!

More of the group
Mom & Allen had to head back home Saturday, so us kids hit the town!

Rhett, Sarah, me, Tim & Ryan

Love my brothers!