Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Well, I had the best intentions of sending Christmas cards this year, but never got around to order them.  I have a hard time making purchasing decisions in general and I got a little overwhelmed by all of the options  :)  Anyway, here's a digital card from our family to yours!  Merry Christmas!!!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Way Back Wednesday - Ghosts of Christmas Past - Part 3 (2009 & 2010)

Well, ONE last Wednesday before Christmas!  Time for the last Way Back Wednesday recap post - to recap the past two Christmases!

2009 - In 2009, Tim and I went to Nebraska again for Christmas - and boy, was it COOOOOLLLLLD!  They ended up having the largest blizzard in about 20 years!!  The snow literally had drifts that were taller than the truck we were driving in.  It was unbelievable, especially for this girl who's been in a Southern climate for most all of the Christmases I can remember.  It was definitely a white Christmas to remember.  It messed with our travel plans a bit as some roads were closed and we lost power, but we also got a lot of fun playing in the snow!!!

Yup, that's me on the ground - not used to navigating in the snow - fell down off the drift!

Terrible pic of me, but one of the only ones I took this year, so needed to post it...brrrrr!

After we shoveled snow and did a little sledding!  Me and Tim's sister Shae
I did get to steal Landon for a day this trip - Lisa had to work and the boys (Tim &  Nate) were off hunting, so Landon and I headed to the play place and had a fun day just the two of us!

2010 - In 2010, it was back to Dallas for Christmas and we definitely did our share our celebrating - first to Fort Worth to celebrate with Renee's side of the family, Wilshire for the Christmas Eve service, Jonathan and Mary Beth's for Christmas morning/brunch and back to my Dad and Renee's that evening for more festivities!

Look at all those presents!!  Celebrating at Millie's house - I'm pretty sure we had her fried chicken!
I'm sure Hannah would love me for this pic, but she'd just had surgery. 
Christmas Eve - Moms and Pops came in town too

Proving you're never too old for Christmas

More gift exchanging!
 Hope you've all gotten your Christmas shopping done - wishing you and your families a very Merry Christmas!!!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Way Back Wednesday - Ghosts of Christmas Past - Part 2 - 2007 & 2008

Well, only one day late - let's just pretend this was posted yesterday...

It's that time again....Way Back Wednesday time!

The Blogivers

In keeping with the holiday tradition, here are a few more ghosts of Christmas Past...

2007 - Tim and I's first married Christmas!  We started our celebration with my Dad and Renee coming to Birmingham a few days before Christmas to visit Tim, Rhett & I.

Tim modeling his gift

Dad & Renee in our apartment - Tim & I's first time to host a holiday!

Opening gifts

Then, Tim & I headed to Nebraska for more celebrating - my first Christmas with the Snider/Suchan/Graff clans and they welcomed me with open arms!

Mike, Jody, Tim, me, Amber

The whole crew!

Sad to admit I didn't get any pics in what I affectionately like to call P-town (Palmyra, Nebraska), but we did also have Christmas with Dan, Teresa and Shae there!  This is also the very first time Tim & I got to meet our godson, Landon (Nate & Lisa's son)!!  Isn't he the cutest? 

1 month old - December 2007

2008 - My mom and Allen have a house in Naples, Florida, so for this year, Rhett, Ryan, Pam, Tim & I were all able to come to celebrate Christmas - we even had Christmas morning festivities outside on their back porch - what a different experience!  It was such beautiful weather. 

This is the life!

Pam getting in on the action with the singer at the restaurant - also love Ryan in the background

Pam, Ryan, Rhett - siblings!
And there you have, can you believe there's only ONE MORE wednesday before Christmas???

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Way Back Wednesday - Ghosts of Christmas Past

So, Alison, one of my friends from Camp Ozark back in the day generally does a post each Wednesday titled "Way Back Wednesday" to look back at old times.  Her pictures are usually funny or sometimes sweet, but either way I always enjoy it.  Plus, I know it can sometimes seem like no one out there is reading - this whole blogging thing can often feel like a one-way street so I thought I'd let her know I liked it!  Here's a link to her blog:

The Blogivers

By the way - I'm pretty proud of figuring out how to add that button (not that it was too difficult, I'm just still learning how this whole blog world works).  Anyone want to explain to me what a link party is???

And of course, I thought I'd add some of my own Way Back Wednesday pics - and since its that time of year, I thought I'd do some old Christmas pics.  Including today, there are only THREE Wednesdays left until Christmas (scary thought since we haven't done our Christmas shopping yet!) so I thought today I'd do pre-marriage/childhood photos today and then our most recent Christmases the next two weeks.  Most of these pics are pre-digital age - I have a few pics scanned in prior ones that people have sent me before I got my digital camera for various projects that I've done - enjoy!  :)

Memphis - I love Megan (bottom right) and Ryan's (next to Moms) expressions...Moms sure knows how to excited everyone!

Another Christmas in Memphis - Clarissa wore the shirt I was wearing on Clarissa explains it all, I totally thought I was so cool!
Apparently this is '96...I think this may have been in my "too cool for school" phase
Christmas in Dallas - not sure the year, but Will and Katie look so cute!!
I believe this was our cousin dance to "Keathley Pies for this Bunch" (lyrics written to tune of "Sugar Pie Honey Bunch" - don't ask how we started a tradition where the cousins are required to do a performance?!  Luckily we've gotten out of it the past few years...
Probably an encore performance..

Fort Worth - Denise & I

I made this for Dad & Renee...  Still want to beat Renee in Words with Friends!  I think she cheats :)
Christmas in Alabama
Have to have matching jammies...thanks Mom, we know its a hassle but we still love this tradition!

Fort Worth Christmas - Enjoying the new karoke machine- my apologies to all of you who had to listen!

Another year, different pajamas!

Another Moms and Pops game - Deal or No Deal!  This was one of my favs - along with the year they set up a full game of "Who Wants to be a Millionare" with family trivia (complete with lifelines and all!)
Merry Christmas!