Monday, December 16, 2013

Showered - Part #1

Back in September, I had my first baby shower for Baby Snider (who hopefully will be making his arrival any day now!).  My amazing sister hosted at Forty Five Ten T Room in Dallas.  Ever since she planned her own wedding in 2012, she has just had a knack for all of the little special details.  To top it off, she's an incredibly talented photographer.  She gave me such a gift in that she photographed, edited and sent me all of the below pictures which I'll cherish forever!!

It was such a neat experience to celebrate Tim and I's first child with all of my childhood friends.  Almost everyone at the shower I've known for at least 15+ years and most of them watched me grow up!  I'm normally not super emotional, but even I couldn't help tearing up when I looked around the table.  I'm blessed to have such life long friends in my life and this was an event I'll never forget!

Thanks to everyone for also conveniently wearing blue!  :)  Love everyone in this pic!!

Arrivals!  Cameron even drove in from San Antonio!

You can see what I mean about Pam being great at all the details - I had zero input into the shower (just how I like it) and Pam came up with some extremely personal touches.  She knows I love to read and Tim loves to hunt plus our nursery colors are grey, white and blue.  Pam's best friend Laura drew the above picture of the books and each of the guests signed with their own "title."  I just had this framed and will have to put a finishing pic up from the nursery.  Everyone filled out their wishes for Baby Snider which I had fun reading later.  My lovely mother misread a bit and thought it was wishes for me, so she hopes that baby (boy) Snider is the best mom ever!  :)  Everyone got to take home a bookmark which said "Children are made readers on the laps of their parents."

A gathering without desserts is just a meeting!  Super cute desserts - mini cupcakes, cake with deer and "cute as a button" cookies

Some of the decor - the hanging items are vintage books!!!

Love getting to see everyone!
Me & my mom
Friends since kindergarten!  Cameron & I

Obligatory awkward selfie

Writing wishes

Wonderful friends
Feeling him kick
Bouje girls!

Family - L to R - Sarah (my brother's FIANCE...yay!), me, Mom & Pam (oops...missing my sis-in-law Mary Beth!)
AMAZING Hostess - Love you, Sambo!
Thanks so much to everyone who came and helped make this day so special!!!  Baby Snider is very loved!

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Merrie said...

Fantastic pictures and what a lovely shower! Yay for your sister! I hope the birth goes wonderfully and I'll look forward to pics of that beautiful boy. :)