Sunday, January 15, 2012

Happy Belated New Year!

What's that you say?  New Years was a few weeks ago?  Better late than never!

I have always been in the camp that New Years is way overrated - crowds, expensive and who thought it was a good idea to have a party that doesn't really START until midnight?  Call me old, but I've never been much of a night owl. 

This year, we did something different - our friends Ken and Kylie (who we originally met through Justin and Nichole - Ken & Nichole work at UAB together) invited us and a few other friends to their house for the evening - my kind of New Years party!  Nichole was on call/at the hospital that day and night so Tim and I went with Justin and Justin's dad and Tracy early for some light food at McCormick & Schmidt's.  We love this place, but heard it closed down shortly after New Years  :(  I had my fav - oysters & a little lobster bisque.

NYE 2011/2012

McCormick & Schmidt's
We then headed to Ken & Kylie's where they had prepared even more delicious food.  Kylie had also gotten these cute 2012 glasses.

me, Kim, Kylie & Nichole

Kim & Scott

Steve & Tracey

Ken & Kylie
We watched Auburn win the Chick-fil-a bowl (part of it using the 3-D glasses which was intense - I think it would make me sick watching all the time?!)  WARE EAGLE!  Here's where I must admit - I started to fade around 10:30...may have dozed a bit on the couch.  I just can't sit for too long at that time of night without getting sleepy!  But, I told myself - push can make it.  We got up and watched the ball drop in New York!

Happy New Year!!

Cheers!  (East Coast Countdown)
And then....I rallied!  All it took was a little bit of friendly competition.  Nothing wakes me up quite like the heat of battle.  Ken & Kylie have the Kinect system for XBox which I'd never seen before.  The best way I could describe it is its like Wii without the remote - it has a sensor that captures your body movements.  We played a bowling game and it was so much fun!  The biggest surprise was at the end of each game the system would play back RECORDED reactions from your game - so funny!!!  You could see your victory dance or a grimace when you rolled a gutter ball.  Plus, its pretty hilarious to watch yourself bowl without a bowling ball.  I wasn't too bad at this game if I do say so myself....certainly bowled better than I've ever bowled in real life.

So animated!
After a few games, we toasted the New Year in BOTH the Central and Mountain times - aren't you impressed?  We even wrapped it up with a little dance party...

Lots of fun!  Great way to celebrate 2012!

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