Sunday, January 22, 2012

What Santa Brought Me - Christmas 2011(otherwise titled "Products I'm currently loving")

This year, Santa (also known as my very generous little kids are reading this, right?) was really good to me...probably better than I deserve.  I've had a few weeks to use gift cards and some of the spending cash I received and thought it might be fun to share in case you too have Christmas $ left!

A few things I've gotten or have my eye on:

1.  New wallets - which conveniently came in very handy when I not so conveniently lost my wallet on the flight from Saint Louis to Omaha :(  Which by the way - is a real pain when travelling...especially when you have to call and cancel all your cards which ALSO cancels your husband's cards since you're on the same account.  Lots of fun!  Anyway, I got a black Lodis wallet from my Mom and Allen and the gold wallet pictured above from my Dad & Renee!  I've had fun switching them out depending on my mood/outfit.

2.  Wireless printer - The printer we currently have I've been using since high school (I apparently like to hold on to things....see this post.  Miraculously, it still works, but its upstairs in our office and I've gotten a little too lazy to want to walk ALL THE WAY UPSTAIRS and plug in a cord.  I did a little research and found this little printer (which I actually bought somewhere else for cheaper) which has Airprint (i.e. will print from my IPad), has a very small footprint, but still has copier/scanner capabilities.  For now, its on a console table in our living room as my plan to put it on a small table in the coat closet under the stairs plug in there, duh.  Its just nice being able to print a coupon or two off and grab on my way out the door.

3.  Ceramic Egg Crate - I didn't get this for what you might think - I'm currently using as jewelry storage!  I made a large hanging jewelry organizer for my closet, but it I didn't have a way to store my stud earrings or rings.  This egg crate has worked perfectly!

4.  Cold weather running gear - Dan and Teresa helped me gear up for some outdoor running during these colder months with Brooks Pulse Lite Gloves and Infiniti Headband.  The gloves are awesome because the tip of the thumb can be pulled back so I can still use my iPhone.  They're also lightweight enough that I don't get too hot.  I don't know if they'd be warm enough up there in Nebraska, but down south, they work just perfectly! 

5.  I'm still on the hunt for some perfect black pumps - I go through these way too fast and haven't had time to shoe shop, but its on the list!

6.  Finally...a subscription to Cooking Light!  Just got my first issue last week!

7.  Boot Shapers - I don't know why I didn't try these sooner.  So great for keeping your boots looking nice, plus its keeping my closet a lot more organized.  They're pretty inexpensive compared to some of the other options out there.  I think I'll especially like having these when I store my boots during the summer.  I'd recommend to anyone!

8.  Teeth whitening - I kept telling Tim I wanted to do this, but he thought it was kind of a waste  :(  So, I made him give it to me for Christmas - all's well that ends well, right!  I haven't done it yet, but have at least bought the certificate.

9.  Two words.....erasable highlighters.  Enough said.

10.  I'm really realizing how much of a dork I am right about now....considering #7, #9 and #10 but, I also got a laminator.  I have visions of nice organized labels, something one of my favorite bloggers at I Heart Organizing would be proud of.

11.  This wasn't really a Christmas present, but thought I'd throw it in - really liking the John Frieda Full Repair fly away gel - it has a mascara want and helps tame the breakage.

I also still have a gift card left to spend (thanks Mike & Jody)!  My sister-in-law Amber and her fiance John must know Tim and I too well...I'm embarrassed to admit we've already been through almost all of the Moe's gift card they gave us.  Its still our very favorite place!

One more thing I'm loving right now...

I bought this at Target a few weeks ago and it is DYNAMITE.  I've been begging Tim to look for it at every store since (although I see now on their website its exclusively sold at Target).  Run, don't walk to your nearest Target - you'll thank me later!

Tim went shopping at Bass Pro yesterday which is right by the Leeds Outlet mall.  I brilliantly remembered that there was a Ghiradelli store at the mall and quickly texted him to demand sweetly ask that he bring some home.  I'm a lucky girl because he texted me back..."two steps ahead of you there."  Such a great treat after a long week of work! 

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