Friday, June 1, 2012

Tim's 30th Birthday

Tim recently celebrated a big birthday and I knew we had to celebrate!  I invited some friends to join us for happy hour at Superior Grill (although it lasted quite a bit longer than happy hour!).  Superior Grill is a really fun spot for weeknights - they have a band on Thursday nights starting at 7 which is always a good time.

Tim, Justin & Ken

So good to see Marilyn, my grad school roomie!

Derrick, Tim & Brett

Emily Ann, me & Marilyn

Had to get at least one shot of the two of us!

 We had a lot of fun and there was a good turn out, as shown by the empty table at the end of the night.....

Wish I had taken more pics - thanks to everyone who came!!  Tim's actual birthday was on a Monday, so he and I went to dinner at Stix in Birmingham.  I couldn't believe he picked a sushi place for his meal, but he had tried a roll there recently that he really liked and he always likes the cooked Japanese food.

Dinner at Stix - Tim's actual birthday
The following Wednesday, we were invited to attend a supper club at Gian Marco's in Birmingham (which has amazing food by the way) and I couldn't help but make him suffer the embarassment of blowing out some birthday, I always love an excuse for something sweet...even if there wasn't any chocolate...just sayin.

Tim's pick - strawberry cake!

I've yet to get him a real present (doesn't my NYC souvineer t-shirt I brought him count?)....Tim's tough to buy for - he doesn't want a lot of things, but the things he wants he's very particular about.  I think we're going to look for a trail bike for him, but we'll see...stay tuned!

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