Saturday, August 20, 2011

Orange Beach Recap Pt. 1 - Fun in the Sun!

As I hinted in my last post, Tim & I just spent a week in Orange Beach, Alabama!  I have been waiting to post to hopefully get a few pictures off of Lisa's camera (hint, hint), but since I'm probably going to have to break this anyway, thought I'd go ahead and post.  Lisa and I (with various combinations of our family members) have actually been to the beach several times together....

Florida - May 2004 - Lisa's 21st Birthday

Sandestin, FL - July 2007 - Rondy's work conference ('re so cute!)

Orange Beach, AL - Summer 2008 (Same condo building as our current trip - Shoalwater)

Also, Gulf Shores, AL - Summer 2009 - Rented a house, but can't find any pictures!

This year, our beach crew included:  Nate, Lisa, Wendy, Rodney, Justin, Madi, Kristen, Allie, Rondy, Landon and Crew (all in a 3 bedroom condo!)  We had great weather and a ground floor condo which was really nice because of the incredibly easy access to the pool/beach.

 View from our condo nice!

We had a great time hanging by the pool and the beach, doing some summer reading, catching up with each other, sipping on cocktails, and getting some sun!


Crew did so well - I swear, that kid hardly fusses!  I did get a little bit of a peek into life with a baby - I slept in the room with Lisa a few nights and therefore heard her getting up to feed him, I seriously don't know how she does it! 

Landon (who is a little harder to catch in pictures now by the way) really got to enjoy the pool - he did a good job of entertaining himself and was quite the little swimmer.  He was a little scared of the ocean, but loved playing in the sand - he let Nate bury him up to his neck!  That kid also has a memory like you wouldn't believe - RoRo (Rondy) gave him a list of things he needed to remember to pack, which he could list for anyone who asked.  He also had a rule that he wasn't allowed to go past the patio gate without 1.  Water wings 2.  Swim Trunks and 3.  Sunscreen - sure, he'd try and push the limit and go anyway, but he always KNEW what he was missing when we wouldn't let him!

Rodney and Wendy always bring their board for cornhole which is the simplest game, yet so much fun!  We seriously played this for hours everyday (mostly the boys).  You have two person teams and the goal is to throw washers into the holes on the board - 1 point for the closest hole, 2 for the middle, 3 for the furthest.  The first team to exactly 15 points wins!  You can "jackapoo" (no clue on that spelling) and win automatically by either getting one washer in each hole or all three of your washers in the same hole on one turn.  Rodney and Justin and Tim and Nate were definitely the pros, but I think we girls gave them a run for their money on a few games.

 We also tried to be better about getting out our cameras for a few group shots one of the last days we were there.

Nate, Crew, Lisa & Landon  - I think this picture is so cute - definitely a framer!!

Tim & I

This next picture is our effort of getting a "cute" but different picture...haha...I think there was something lost in translation here and I'm sure the Baylor girl we found on the beach and asked to take for us really thought we were "special." 

We did manage to take a few cute ones...


Anonymous said...

So much fun to read about your trip! I love the pics!

Hatchers said...

I want to go back!! Do we have to wait a WHOLE year?? PS... mom and I talked, we are DEFINTAELY getting a bigger place next year.. each family gets there OWN ROOM!! No more waking up to babies that ARENT yours anymore.. SORRY! pss... mom just told me tonight that Tim informed everyone that he was "very ready" for "this" (while he was holding Crew) get a move on it! Love you!