Sunday, August 28, 2011

Orange Beach Recap - Pt. 2 - Shopping, Eating, Etc.

We did a lot of cooking/eating at the condo this trip - I made my Chicken Tamale Casserole in advance and froze two casseroles so we could just heat up while we were there.  I think it was a success?  One night, just the girls minus preggers Wendy decided to go out for sushi at a place close to our condo called Arigato which was very good!  Our favorite roll was the Dynamite roll (I think?). 

Lisa & I before Sushi 

Tim & I also caught up with a dinner date one night at a place called Wintzell's Oyster House because we were craving some fresh oysters.  The restaurant had funny quotes all over the walls which provided quite the entertainment.

Another day, we decided our skin needed a little break from the sun and we hit up the outlet malls in Foley, AL.  Lisa started a new job shortly after we got back from the beach, so we got her a few business casual clothes since she had been wearing scrubs at her last job.  I may or may not have also treated myself to a few things!  Funny story - we ran out of diapers for Crew but still wanted to hit one or two more stores before going home.  Allie crafted a diaper from Crew's blanket (pictured below) until we were able to pawn one off a helpful mom!

Madi, Crew, Allie, Lisa, me & Kristen at the outlets
Crew & I hanging at the condo - Landon actually took this picture!!

Our last day, some of us decided to get dressed and take pictures out on the beach.

Lisa & I

Hatcher Family - Nate, Crew, Lisa, Landon


When I was adding these pictures, I remembered when we stayed in this condo in 2008, we took VERY similar pictures and thought it might be fun to compare how their fam has grown.
Nate, Lisa & Crew - Shoalwater 2011

Nate, Lisa, and Landon - Shoalwater Summer 2008 - Landon is about 3 months OLDER than Crew is in these pics

Hatcher Family 2008 (left) and Hatcher Family 2011 (right)
Allie, Kristen, Madi

Our little photographer

Lisa, Rondy, Madi

Can you see our new L initial necklaces we ordered from Etsy??

And now, just so I don't forget - here is a pic of our car loaded up to drive down - it was PACKED.  It was nice having almost everything we needed already when we got there, but it was a lot of effort!!!
And the trunk is totally full too!!!
Last, but certainly not least - can't forget the lovely t-shirt we saw at the Taco Bell during our drive.  Nothing says "I love you" like a neon spray painted Browning symbol**.  Tim's really hoping for one of these on our next trip...WOW is all I have to say.
**Sorry to Micah and Courtney if you ever happen to stumble on this blog  :)

All in all, a fabulous trip!  I'm already wishing we were back there!!

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