Saturday, September 17, 2011

Labor Day Weekend

I'm a few week behind in posting, but we've been pretty busy!  Tim's mom, Jody kept with our Labor day tradition and came to visit (I think this is the 3rd year in a row?) - we had a wonderful weekend full of food, shopping, friends, football, and a little bit of home improvement for good measure!  On Friday night, Tim grilled pork chops for dinner and then we all watched The Adjustment Bureau with Matt Damon and Emily Blunt which was pretty good.  Saturday was a big day - the first Nebraska game and the first Auburn game!!!!  We decided to order Saw's Barbecue which we had never tried before but had heard great things about.  I'm not a huge barbecue fan normally (I don't like the sauce - just eat it without), but the mac & cheese was delicious!  We also made a few appetizers (the jalapeno poppers we promised we'd make again, caprese salad, a veggie tray which a great cream cheese dip that Jody made, and popcorn with peanuts and m&m's).  Justin and Nichole joined us for the end of the Auburn game and all of the Nebraska game.  Luckily, both teams ended up winning their games....even if Auburn's win was only by the skin of their teeth!!

Jody & Tim watching the games

Nichole & Justin rooting for the huskers (I'm outnumbered!)

Jody, Tim & I

A few munchies
Now, if you have been reading this blog for any amount of time, you know my fondness for dessert, so I can't let an opportunity pass without trying a recipe I found on Pinterest!  The strawberry cake I made for 4th of July which was very delicious was also inspired by Pinterest, so I thought I'd give another one a shot.  This time, Jody & I went with Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cheesecake Bars.  YUUUMMMMMMMMM.  They were as good as the name sounds!  I would recommend!  Plus, I liked that they made a smaller batch - we didn't have TOO much leftover (not that I really mind eating the dessert the rest of the week, but since Tim's not a big sweets person I end up eating way more than I should).

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cheesecake Bars

Yes, I took this picture myself!  I think I'm getting better with my camera!
On Sunday, we went to church and came back and had leftover barbecue for lunch.  That afternoon, we headed out to the Grand River outlet mall for a little holiday weekend shopping!  We found some good deals for Tim on some dress shirts and ties and Jody found a few things, but I didn't have a ton of luck - my favorite store there is the Banana outlet, but they were a bit in between seasons, so I didn't bite on anything.  That night, we went to one of our favorite Mexican places - Iguana Grill.

On Monday, it POURED rain -- we laid low Monday morning and went to Lowe's to get some new paint for our dining room.  We painted it blue when we first moved in three years ago and while I still really love blue, the color ended up a little darker than I intended.  We picked a little lighter blue and painted it in an afternoon.  It was a good thing it didn't end up taking too long because we lost power for a bit that evening (lost it again in the middle of the night and had to get ready in the dark the next morning - boo!) 

Work flies when you have help!

Best comparison pic of the two colors

Okay, okay - so it doesn't look that different...It definitely brings more light into the room and we like it!  I have a few more ideas up my sleeve for sprucing it up when Lisa comes into town in November :)

Tim took Jody to the airport on Tuesday morning - the weekend went way too fast!  We're so glad you came, Jody!

And now, a small sneak peek of where I have been the last week....Keep in mind this pic hasn't been edited in was just that beautiful!!  Recap posts to come soon!

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