Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4th of July!

Hope everyone had a very happy holiday weekend!  I thought I'd take a brief hiatus from recapping my Dallas trip to tell you about our weekend!  My company gave us an extended holiday, so I was off Friday and Monday, which was very nice!  This year, since we have travelled a lot this summer, we decided to stay in Birmingham for the 4th and since Nichole was on call for the actual day, we celebrated on Sunday the 3rd by hitting the pool (ended up being really glad we did since it stormed most of the day yesterday)!

Justin & Tim in the pool 

Nichole & I

After a quick change, we all came to our house to grill out.  I found a few recipes to try for the day.  Our meal consisted of the following (click on the links for the recipes I followed):

Grilled Pepper Poppers (found from my favorite website - Cooking Light)
**The above picture is before the peppers went on the grill - the poppers didn't last long enough after they came off the grill for me to get a picture!  We all agreed this was our favorite - a definite repeat for football season!  Also, have to give props to Tim who grew the jalepenos in our backyard!!

Tomato & Avocado Stackers (also from Cooking Light)
This picture was before I added the dressing, which was really good - I think I might make the dressing again just for salads during the week.

Burgers, watermelon, and corn on the cob with jalepeno butter
Tim laughed at my selection of corn from Publix (I think maybe they were too small?)- apparently, I did not pick good ones, but I don't have it bred in me the same way these cornhuskers do!

Last, but certainly not least....DESSERT!
I made Strawberry Cake (found on Pinterest)
I omitted the coconut because Tim's not a big fan, but would maybe like to try it with coconut next time - I also cut back on the sugar in the icing - it was plenty sweet!  I added blueberries to make the dessert a little more festive  :)

HAPPY 4th!!!!

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