Friday, October 28, 2011

CureSearch Walk

Last weekend, we attended the first annual Birmingham CureSearch walk benefiting children's cancer research.  Will & my dad were hoping to be able to make the trip to walk with us, but last minute my dad had some back problems that prevented them from coming - I know they were walking with us in spirit! 

Will to Win team - Joey, Lydia, me, Tim (Thanks guys for coming!)

Lydia & I
The event itself was a success - over $12,000 raised!  Starbucks, Chris Z's and Birmingham Beverage Company provided coffee/breakfast/water for all of the participants and the opening ceremony kicked off around 10:00 on Saturday.  Jim Steiner (the CureSearch representative) lead the ceremony with guest speaker, Dr. Berkow from UAB Children's Hospital.  Jim called up the top three teams who had raised the most $ to date (excluding amounts turned in on walk day) - and I'm proud to report that thanks to all of your generous donations the Will to Win team came in third!  The only slightly embarrassing part was that they made the team captain or the child the team was supporting come and accept a goofy looking hat to wear during the walk.  With Will being a few states away, I had to wear the hat and felt a little silly! :)  Lydia, Joey & Tim made me wear it for one lap and then we passed it to another team....

The ceremony also called up all of the children in attendance who were survivors of childhood cancer and they got to wear a medal.

We also had a moment of silence and remembrance for the families that had lost their child to cancer.  Those families were given a white balloon to release.  That part of the ceremony was really tough and a reminder of the devestating impact of this disease.

The walk itself was about 2 miles (6 laps around the course).  The day could not have been more beautiful - temps in the mid 70s!  Around the course they had a sign for each team, which of course we had to stop and take a picture of our team sign. 

We'll just have to MAKE Will wear the hat :)
 They also have a banner that the teams sign to show the reasons we walk - this will be displayed in Children's Hospital for the next year.

After the walk, they had a prize drawing - we all received a ticket when the walk started and they selected a ticket for several prizes - Tim McGraw autograph, Faith Hill autograph, restaurant gift certificates, etc.  I ended up getting picked for a $50 gift certificate to the Fish Market which was a nice surprise!

Thank you again for your support of the Will to Win team.  I know the walk will continue to grow over the years and we truly are making a difference.  The website (Will to Win!) is still up and running for anyone who wants to make a donation! 

Now....tonight..............GO RANGERS!

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