Sunday, October 2, 2011

Tim's new toy and an ode to a little red car

Can you believe it - two posts in one weekend??

Woo hoo!  A few months ago, Tim and I mailed in the final payment our Nissan Altima!  Our goal has been to only have one car payment and so we've been waiting to pay off the Altima before we replacing our other car.  My wonderful husband has been driving my 1996 Acura Integra since we bought the new Altima three years ago.  Yes, this is the same car which was generously gifted to me by my parents on my 16th birthday almost 12 years ago (can that really be right??  feels like yesterday!)......

**My scrapbooking skills slightly improved over the years..Don't think you can really tell in this picture, but I am also wearing my lovely retainer that had a tooth attached...Pam is also rocking some hot braces
Now this cute little Integra was certainly a jewel when it was received in 1999 and it has been the best car I could have asked for (sniff...), but now, over 100,000 miles, two run-ins with a pole (they jumped out of nowhere!), a run in with the garage (RHETT), two taps on the rear end later (okay, so one of them I actually backed into someone), this baby is about ready for retirement.  And as much as I'm sure Tim loves squeezing into a two-door car, he's been itching for a little more cargo room.  Especially since before driving the Acura, he was driving this (which he sweetly traded in so I could get the Altima):

Tim's Ford F-150 - September 2008
So, this past weekend, we finally bit the bullet and bought this baby:
2011 Chevy Silverado 1500
Tim is absolutely over the moon.   I must admit, I've gone through this process dragging my feet a bit - my practical self had a bit of a hard time getting used to the idea of owning a truck again, but let's face it...I married a truck guy.  Tim woke up bright and early on Saturday morning (around 6:30) just dying to drive it.  He dressed in his camo and took it out to the range to shoot.  He came home with such a smile, it's worth it!  I even took her for a spin on Saturday and must admit, she drives smoother than I was expecting.  Plus, I figure - now I've got an excuse to buy furniture, since we can save on the delivery fees!!  :)

So happy!
Turning over the Acura was a very surreal experience - I mean, TWELVE YEARS, people.  This is the car that took me to my high school, college and grad school graduations.  The car that drove me down to Destin for my wedding.  The car that moved me into the dorms each year, my first off campus apartment, our first apartment together and our first house.  And sure, I may not have been the one driving it the last three years (Tim likes to say I took the best nine years), but it still makes me a bit sad that this baby is likely sitting on the auction block today.

One last moment together...

So, goodbye little red car - thanks for the memories.  It's time for a new chapter.

SIDE NOTE:  I am really not looking forward to going to the DMV to transfer the title into for the Altima into our name (or release it from the lien, or whatever it is they're requiring us to do) and to register the truck.  Considering I just got my license renewed and the OVERFLOW line looked like this (yes, meaning there was an additional line once you actually got in the room where the employees were):

                                                              SO RIDICULOUS!

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