Thursday, December 15, 2011

Way Back Wednesday - Ghosts of Christmas Past - Part 2 - 2007 & 2008

Well, only one day late - let's just pretend this was posted yesterday...

It's that time again....Way Back Wednesday time!

The Blogivers

In keeping with the holiday tradition, here are a few more ghosts of Christmas Past...

2007 - Tim and I's first married Christmas!  We started our celebration with my Dad and Renee coming to Birmingham a few days before Christmas to visit Tim, Rhett & I.

Tim modeling his gift

Dad & Renee in our apartment - Tim & I's first time to host a holiday!

Opening gifts

Then, Tim & I headed to Nebraska for more celebrating - my first Christmas with the Snider/Suchan/Graff clans and they welcomed me with open arms!

Mike, Jody, Tim, me, Amber

The whole crew!

Sad to admit I didn't get any pics in what I affectionately like to call P-town (Palmyra, Nebraska), but we did also have Christmas with Dan, Teresa and Shae there!  This is also the very first time Tim & I got to meet our godson, Landon (Nate & Lisa's son)!!  Isn't he the cutest? 

1 month old - December 2007

2008 - My mom and Allen have a house in Naples, Florida, so for this year, Rhett, Ryan, Pam, Tim & I were all able to come to celebrate Christmas - we even had Christmas morning festivities outside on their back porch - what a different experience!  It was such beautiful weather. 

This is the life!

Pam getting in on the action with the singer at the restaurant - also love Ryan in the background

Pam, Ryan, Rhett - siblings!
And there you have, can you believe there's only ONE MORE wednesday before Christmas???

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