Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Way Back Wednesday - Ghosts of Christmas Past - Part 3 (2009 & 2010)

Well, ONE last Wednesday before Christmas!  Time for the last Way Back Wednesday recap post - to recap the past two Christmases!

2009 - In 2009, Tim and I went to Nebraska again for Christmas - and boy, was it COOOOOLLLLLD!  They ended up having the largest blizzard in about 20 years!!  The snow literally had drifts that were taller than the truck we were driving in.  It was unbelievable, especially for this girl who's been in a Southern climate for most all of the Christmases I can remember.  It was definitely a white Christmas to remember.  It messed with our travel plans a bit as some roads were closed and we lost power, but we also got a lot of fun playing in the snow!!!

Yup, that's me on the ground - not used to navigating in the snow - fell down off the drift!

Terrible pic of me, but one of the only ones I took this year, so needed to post it...brrrrr!

After we shoveled snow and did a little sledding!  Me and Tim's sister Shae
I did get to steal Landon for a day this trip - Lisa had to work and the boys (Tim &  Nate) were off hunting, so Landon and I headed to the play place and had a fun day just the two of us!

2010 - In 2010, it was back to Dallas for Christmas and we definitely did our share our celebrating - first to Fort Worth to celebrate with Renee's side of the family, Wilshire for the Christmas Eve service, Jonathan and Mary Beth's for Christmas morning/brunch and back to my Dad and Renee's that evening for more festivities!

Look at all those presents!!  Celebrating at Millie's house - I'm pretty sure we had her fried chicken!
I'm sure Hannah would love me for this pic, but she'd just had surgery. 
Christmas Eve - Moms and Pops came in town too

Proving you're never too old for Christmas

More gift exchanging!
 Hope you've all gotten your Christmas shopping done - wishing you and your families a very Merry Christmas!!!

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