Sunday, November 6, 2011

Birthday weekend and the great case debate

This past Friday, I turned the big 2-8.  Thanks so much everyone for your cards, calls, texts, tweets, facebook messages, etc.  I felt very loved!  It is always fun having your birthday fall on a Friday (even if it means you have to - because then you can REALLY stretch it out all weekend long!  The celebration started on Thursday night when Emily Ann, Caroline and Caroline took me to Chez Fon Fon for dinner.  Look what they even got them to bring!

Sweet and Salty cake from Highlands (next door sister restaurant)

Thanks for taking me girls!
On the big day itself, Tim woke me up with the chipmunks singing me happy birthday (he played the you tube video on his phone) - how can you not have a good day when you're woken out of a dead sleep by singing animals!  :)  I couldn't help but laugh.  At work, my incredibly sweet co-worker McCauley brought in an Edgar's cake which we cut into after a long lunch at The Pita Stop.

Positively sinful!
That night, Tim and I met Justin and Nichole at Sumo (a Japanese steakhouse) for some dinner.
We tried to use the self-timer - didn't turn out so hot, but that's okay!
The dinner was a lot of fun - I must have a face that says "Please, pick on me!" - we didn't even tell our server it was my birthday,  but of course, he still decides to flick shrimp tails at me, try and have me toss an egg into his pocket, etc. (but he also gave me extra fried rice, so I wasn't complaining!)

Good dinner with good friends 
It seems I must have been a pretty good girl this year - I mostly asked my family for $ for clothes this year (I know, boring, but so necessary!)  But, I did get these -
Running socks - which I broke in on Saturday when I ran my first 10-K (recap post to come soon)
Gift card for some clothes - I'm really liking these navy pants from Express...I'm into navy right now.  Would also love to find some winter white pants.
I'm SUPER excited!!  See, I love to read...generally not anything intellectually stimulating and I won't be deconstructing novels here on this blog, but I love my guilty pleasures - mysteries, girly fiction, teen series (Harry Potter & Hunger Games...haven't gotten into Twilight yet), etc.  But, I'm also pretty cheap and not about to shell out $15 bucks for the newest James Patterson.  I'm patient - I just wait for books to come out and I reserve them at the library.  I've had a library card in every place I've lived since probably junior high.  When I go on trips, you can bet that at least a corner of my suitcase will be stacked high with books.  I borrowed my mom's Kindle on our Aruba trip just to see - I was holding out - I'm a little old school and there's just something so comforting about holding an actual book.  Plus, I just like that library smell (wow, huge nerd alert).  I enjoyed the convenience, but if you add the cost of buying a 2-3 books a month, I still wasn't sold.  So, when the Kindle Fire was announced, I did some research and figured out I could check some books out from the library to my Kindle app on my phone.  BINGO!  So, I asked Tim for the Kindle Fire - I thought it would also be nice to surf the web plus I could save all my recipes and use it in the kitchen - right now I have them saved to my favorites and I just pull up on my phone, but the screen is so small.  Well, I'm happy that Tim went above and beyond and got me the ipad which I know I'm just going to love.  And I know part of my birthday $ is going to be spent buying a case, but I'm torn on exactly what I want.  I've heard the apple cases aren't all they're cracked up to be.  I want something VERY lightweight that I can leave on all the time and isn't too bulky, but with a good enough amount of protection.

I thought about getting a snap-on case for just the back (similar to what I have on my iphone now and love) and then getting a cute case for travel and when it's not in use.  I particularly love this Etsy one...

BUT...I'm afraid I'm going to miss out with not being able to prop it up to view - I think this would be especially nice in the kitchen.  I just feel like all of those type cases (the leather ones you slide the ipad into) are so much bulkier and cover up too much of the front screen.  Plus, I got a white ipad and I'm weird and don't want to put it in a black case which most of those type cases are.  I probably just need to do some more research, but anyone have any suggestions?  Pros/cons?  I'm all ears!

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The McWilliams! said...

You are going to LOVE your Kindle! I was like you...very hesitant at first because I also love he "book smell" and I just really enjoy the whole process of going to the book store, getting a new book and having them on my shelf (see, I'm a nerd too). I'll never go back though! I have a black leather case that the kindle snaps in, so I can basically open it up and hold it like a regular book. Plus I have a book light that I can snap on it for when I am reading in the dark. It works well.