Monday, July 4, 2011

Dallas Recap - Part II - Sunday to Tuesday

I actually got in to Dallas on very late on Wednesday night before Lindsey's wedding.  On Thursday morning, I FINALLY got to meet Nate and Lisa's second son, Crew.  Lisa has been like a sister to me since our freshman year of high school - she's my partner in crime, a shoulder to cry on, the other half of the "L's", etc.  Most of you probably know, she introduced me to Tim (Tim and Nate are also best friends!) and I've learned how rare it is to have couple friends where you are both extremely close - we just get each other.  Nate and Lisa's first son Landon (our godson) is 3 and 1/2 and Crew was born in April of this year.  We got to see Landon just a few weeks after he was born and I have been DYING to get to see Crew.  When I booked my trip for the wedding, I intentionally booked an extra long Dallas trip so I could spend some time with them (Nate and Lisa moved to Dallas this summer).

FINALLY get to hold him!  Crew Matthews Hatcher

Lisa brought Crew to Mom and Allen's and we had a quick visit to Chick-fil-a where we met my stepbrother Jonathan, his wife Mary Beth and their kids, Jackson and Allie.  Pam had also just flown in from LA!  What a joy it was to meet my precious niece, Allie for the first time (wish I had taken a picture of this...she has the most amazing blue eyes I have ever seen).  Allie was born 10 days before Crew and I did at least snag this picture from Mary Beth's facebook - hope she doesn't mind!!

Allison Kate Walworth

After Chick-Fil-A, we headed back to Mom's pool - Crew was SO good.  I must say, he is one of the smiliest babies I've ever seen - I know when a baby that young smiles it's supposedly "just gas" - but I just know its really because he already loves his Aunt ZiZi.  Crew just chilled in his chair while Lisa and I laid out - can I also say, that I really hope when the time comes, I look 1/2 as good as Lisa after I have a baby.

Thursday night - Saturday was filled with wedding events (see previous post).  Sunday morning, Tim and I met Dad, Renee, Will, and Katie at Original House of Pancakes before church.  We all piled in the car and headed to PCBC for church.  Second hour is the hour that they usually go to Sunday School (Dad & Renee teach first graders), so Tim and I went to the contemporary service which we loved.  I had never heard Michael Rudzena speak (although learned he is leaving to do a church plan in New York).  PCBC is walking through the book of Phillipians and the sermon was on friendship which really spoke to both Tim & I.  You can listen to replays of sermons here.

Sunday afternoon, Tim and I headed to Rondy's (where Nate and Lisa are currently staying) to see their family one last time before my Dad and I had to drop Tim at the airport.  Funny story - when we got there, Landon was playing in the back yard with Nate and Rodney (Lisa's brother-in-law) and I gave him a big hug and asked him where his mommy was.  He looked me dead in the eyes and said "in heaven" - I asked him again and he firmly stated that she was in heaven.  Apparently, grandma RoRo had explained heaven earlier when telling where her cat had gone and Landon hung on to the concept (its pretty amazing how much he comprehends/remembers...I may be biased but he's the smartest 3 1/2 year old I've ever met).  Lisa explained to Landon that she was not in heaven, you only go to heaven when you die and Landon smartly responds, "Well, you will be dead if they shoot you, mama."  Yes, Landon, she would!  Where do they get these things?!

After dropping Tim at the airport, my Dad, Will and I cheered on the Mavs in winning the NBA Championship!! 

I will admit that I'm a fair weather fan (not nearly as die hard as when my 'boys are playing), but it was fun to be in the city when they won - everyone was so excited!

On Monday, Lisa picked me up from Dad's and we went to her gym - LA Fitness.  She introduced me to my absolute favorite smoothie I have ever had - Nrgize Pineapple Coconut Orange smoothie.  I have been hopelessly googling to try and figure out what exactly is in it, but haven't gotten lucky.  There's only 100 calories in it and it tastes SO delicious.  You better believe if I figure out how to replicate I'll be having this for breakfast courtesy of my Magic Bullet (the personal, versatile, countertop magician!).  After our workout, we headed back to Dad and Renee's where Renee watched Crew for us and Lisa, Wendy (Lisa's sister who has basically adopted me as a sister too), Will, and I went for a swim.  After a delicious homecooked meal with Dad, Renee, and Will, Rhett (who is on break from med school at Loyola and flew in for the week) and Ryan (who drove up from Austin because he had a few days off) came over for a bit and we all went to get yogurt (Katie met us there). 

Me & Brothers - Will, Rhett, good to all be together!!  And was even more glad when Rhett shaved his beard!!  :)

 Love my Ry-Ry and can't believe he's graduated from college!

Proud of Katie who is a "rookie" Highlandette - she had just come from dance and met us at the yogurt place, she is looking WAY too grown up  :)

Stay tuned for more Dallas recap....meanwhile, HAPPY 4th of July!!!!

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