Thursday, July 7, 2011

Dallas Recap - Part III - Tues - Thursday

Back to recapping the Dallas trip....

On Tuesday, I got up and went with Lisa to body pump at her gym (really just because she promised we could get smoothies again).  After the gym, Mom and Allen took Rhett, Ryan, and I to Jake's for lunch.

At the McKinney Jake's

Mom and I then did a little shopping at Northpark where I got a few things from Limited, before Lisa came back over that night.  My friend Caroline introduced me to rose' wine at a wine tasting we went to recently which I really liked - I think it's the "red drinker's white" - which is great for summer b/c its similar to a red, but served cold.  I introduced it to Lisa before we went to dinner with two friends from high school - Cameron and Hanna.  It was so great to catch up - it had been so long since I had seen Hanna, and I hadn't seen Cameron since Christmas.  I did realize at one point that Lisa and Hanna each have two children and Cameron has one with one more on the way!  I guess we are at slightly different stages in life  :)

Cameron & Hanna at Sushi on McKinney

Me & Lise - we got a really good special that had crawfish in it

Wednesday, I had a little of a "catch-up on rest" day - gym and pool with my mom, catching up on reading, grocery store with Allen, and I made dinner for Mom & Allen - my green chile chicken (recipe to be shared later - super easy).  On Thursday, Rhett, Clay, and I went to Ross & Sally's for a day at the pool (Ross gets one weekday off a week since he has to work some Saturdays).  That night, Lisa and I met Ayla, another high school friend for dinner at our staple, Mi Cocina.  Poor Crew had shots this day, but he was a trooper and came with us to dinner. 

Me, Lise, and Crew

Missing him already...

Don't get to see you near enough...can't wait for the beach!

My little ornery godson! 

The Hatcher family was leaving for Nebraska on Friday morning, so I hugged them all goodbye and went to my dad's to spend the night!

Phew!  Almost done recapping...only a few days left...stay tuned  :)

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Hatchers said...

Your making me want to blog....and Im the LAST person that would ever want to blog. So cute! I can't wait for the beach either!