Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Dallas Recap - Part IV - Final Installment

Okay, okay - I know you're probably tired of hearing about Dallas - last recap post, enjoy!

Friday, I met my Dad for lunch at Baker's Brothers.

 Dad & I

That afternoon, I met mom & Allen for a little shopping (have to get in a last trip to North Park) where I found these cute white shorts on clearance at Express:

That night, I met the Bouje crew who was in town (Ross, Sal, Lauren, and Patrick) for dinner at S&D Oyster Company for dinner and then they came back to my mom and Allen's apartment to hang.  Poor Lauren had food poisoning or a 24-hr stomach bug the night before, but she was a trooper to come anyway!
Sal, Ross, me, Lauren, Patrick

Saturday morning, Mom, Allen, and I went down to brunch in the lobby of their building.  Once a month, their building has social gatherings and this one was catered - we had baked french toast, eggs, and bacon.  After dropping them off at DFW airport and hugging them goodbye, I headed to my Dad and Renee's that afternoon.  That night, Will, Renee, Dad & I went to dinner at JG's Old Fashioned Hamburgers and rented The Way Back that evening.  The movie was interesting - I was skeptical at first - we let Will pick and there were some subtitles at the beginning, but it ended up being a pretty good story.  The ending was a little abrupt, but overall not a bad movie.

Sunday was Father's Day and I was really glad to actually get to spend it WITH my dad!  We went to church at PCBC where we heard another great sermon.  After church, we went to our across the street neighbor's house (the Sprayberrys) for an awesome fathers day lunch with two other families (along with a little golf watching...only because it was Father's Day). 

A few family shots:

Katie, me, Rhett, Will

Katie, me, Will

Happy Father's Day!

On the plane right home, I unfortunately was NOT able to get a non-stop flight, so I had to fly to Houston first.  When I boarded the plane, I noticed a guy in the front row who looked VERY familiar:

Any guesses?  Wade Phillips!  (Ex head coach of my beloved Cowboys who is now defensive coach for the Houston Texans...hence, the flying to Houston)  I was too much of a chicken to say anything to him, and surprisingly - either no one else on the plane cared or they were too chicken as well - no one bothered him the entire flight.  I'm sure if he were the CURRENT head coach or hadn't gone 1-7 for the first part of last year's season, things might have been a little different!

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